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Shalaka 17

The new age powder coating gun, is based on concept is low energy generation. It gives enriched charging while making safer for use. The unique external powderpath leads to unform powder flow. All die-casted parts of modern polymer makes thew gun light weight, well balanced and maintenance free.

External Powder Path

Easy and quick color change is the unique advantage of external powder path. As the powder flow is outside the gun barrel, maintenance become very easy providing maximum benefit of time and labour saving.

Touch Trigger

Fatigue free operation and safe, as the gun triggers only if operator is earthed

Fold Back Charteristics

  • voltage & current reduces as the gun goes nearer to the article
  • easy coating in faraday-cage prone areas
  • powder flow stops as the gun touches the article
  • Safe : voltage and current become zero when gun touches article/person.

Changing pattern was never so easy…. Just move the cap!

Cap at fully inserted position will give broader beam

movement of the cap outside

Text Found on Your Image isMovement of the cap outside will give smaller beam


Stainless steel hopper, with 20kg for non-vibrating type equipment and 20kg, 3 tier for vibrating type equipment. The third tier comprises of the sieve box for easy automatic sieving. It is easy to clean & refill.

Control Module : PP 17

The brain behind the functioning of the equipment, comes with IP 54 grade protection which make it immune to the atmosphere in the powder coating shop. Separate pneumatic and electronic sections and ease of reach for maintenance makes PP 17 safer and user friendly. Required indications are ergonomically placed for ease of reading.

Control Block

Powbder pump has uniform powder output due to its unique pump design. High volume powder suction with lesser consumption of air adds to the life of the ventury & reduces the stray examples of bounce back problems.

Technical Specifications

Magnum I Shalaka 17 PP17 12 kg. / 20ltr. Non-Vibrating R / A & Flat N.A. N.A.
Magnum II Shalaka 17 PP17 20 kg. / 40ltr. Non-Vibrating R / A & Flat N.A. N.A.
Magnum (BM) Shalaka 17 PP17 N.A. Non-Vibrating R / A & Flat N.A. N.A.
Maxim Shalaka 17 PP 17 [ V ] 20 kg. / 40ltr. Vibrating R / A & Flat Yes Yes
Note: R / A : Round & Adjustable

Optional Accessories


Smaller 12kg hopper for less powder consumption.


1 kg hopper for testing & laboratory purpose.


High Performance flexible powder hose.


A wide range of nozzels make shalaka 17 gun suitable for practically any & every application. Just change a cap and change proper nozzel easily.