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Liquid Paint Booths

Ingenious design is at the heart of Statfield’s liquid painting booths. This gives our booths the edge to accommodate complicated customisation and automation to optimise efficiency. Statfield’s pedigree is the proof that our expertise and resources can handle these requirements effortlessly. Statfield’s booths have proven leadership for 4 decades in the field of surface coating application technologies.

A Booth is critical for ensuring a pollution-free environment during operation. It is basically used to arrest over sprayed paint efficiently which is harmful to environment.

Types of Booth

    Statfield offers two types of booths :

  • Water Wash Type
  • Dry Type

Selection criteria

Selecting an appropriate type of booth for the operations depends on factors such as article size,production, type of paint, its consumption, type of application, number of operators etc. In instances where water is not available naturally, metallic or absorptions filters are used. Normally Dry Booth is recommended if paint consumption is low. Water Wash Booth is preferred when higher volume of paint demands higher paint killing. The Down Draft version in both cases is needed for large / heavy articles so as to coat article from all sides.

Water Wash Type

The over sprayed paint is dragged towards the water flowing continuously over the screen. The turbulence is created below the screen & sludge is formed. The water and the sludge are separated in the filter at the bottom tank. The clean water is pumped again to the top tank and flows over the screen. The air is sucked by the blower through the baffles wherein the last paint particle is separated. The baffles are very effective and can be removed, cleaned easily. The booth is very sturdy and used for heavy production schedules. It has more efficiency as compared to the dry booth. The blower is mounted on the separate structure. The sound level is as per norms.

Down Draft

The booth is available in water wash and dry versions. Here air draft is created downward. Article is normally kept stationary and the operator moves around. Over sprayed paint is dragged towards bottom. Material movement can be on ground trolley or by overhead conveyor.

    Additional Features:

  • Pressurisation can be provided if required for additional dust protection.
  • For better paint results, humidity control with heater/chiller can be provided.
  • To arrest paint fumes additional absorption filter can be given.

Special Application

Article holding with auto guns
Article holding fixture for horizontal holding of cylindrical automobile article rotating at 4-5 rpm. Stationary auto guns can be installed as per article size.
Statfield’s unique design for article painting comprises of

  • Auto loading and starting of the cycle .
  • Rotation of article at required speed .
  • Auto spray with no. of guns and with different combinations .
  • Clamping
  • Cycle stop

Down Draft Side Draft Combination Booth

The combination of down-draft and side draft is used to achieve the advantages of both technologies. A separate water wall can be provided at the back or side of the booth for painting the small jobs. Down-draft booth is given for bigger jobs. These types of booths are also used where production is very high and number of operators painting at the same time is more.

Special Application

Same booth to paint large and small articles. Large articles painted with downdraft. For small articles -two water walls on each side are given to enable two operators to paint simultaneously. Articles move on stop and flow type conveyor.


Turn table movement is automated by VFD and speed is maintained at 4-10 rpm to enable operator to concentrate on painting.

FAU-Freash Air Unit

The new era of modernization has given rise to unmatched finish and painting technologies that calls for controlled and clean atmosphere. Fresh air units are provided on the top of the booth. It gives dust free and fresh air through filters. Pressurized air is sucked by exhaust blower for continuous circulation. These filters are of EU grade material.
A positive pressure created inside the booth prevents the dust entry from outside and enhances the painting conditions. Also continuous fresh air circulation is needed for the healthy operating condition inside the booth. The system is very compact and can accommodate to all type of booths.

Dry-Type Booth


This booth is recommended when paint consumption is less and/or water is scarce. Metallic filters are used for arresting over sprayed paint. These filters are removable and can be cleaned easily. Over sprayed paint is arrested in these filters. The velocity provided in the booth keeps the atmosphere very clean.

  • Additional filters can be given to release clean air in the atmosphere.
  • Article can be kept on turn table.
  • Rails to take job in / out.

Down Draft

In this booth, metallic filters are provided to arrest the over sprayed paint on the floor. As the name suggests, there is no water in this booth. The booth employs metallic filters at the bottom. These filters are easy to remove and clean. The booth environment is very clean.
Dust free air
For additional dust protection, pressurization can be provided. A plenum chamber is provided on the top of the booth. Pressurized air is pumped in the booth uniformly through this chamber.

Special Application

Oil Spray Booth:
Very compact, partial S.S. booth with automatic electrostatic spray gun and Prapat pump used to spray antirust oil on cutting tools.


Paint Circulation System

As the concept of Quality Mass Production emerged, it gave birth to the need for continuous & voluminous painting. With start field paint circulation system color change at many booths is possible through one paint storage room. Also, different colors can be fed to different locations at the same time.Tremendous saving can be achieved. Stat field undertakes the total responsibility of customized paint circulation system.
Salient Features:

  • Quick color change
  • Uninterrupted paint feeding
  • Constant viscosity

Mobile Paint Circulation System

All spray equipment’s are mounted on mobile trolley with quick cleaning facilities.
Important Features:

  • Paint circulation, colour change,cleaning can be done with minimum hose length
  • All connections in S. S
  • Filter choking can be monitored through pressure gauges.
  • Additional filter provided, if filter chokes online changeover is possible.

Ovens : Electrical / Gas / Oil / IR

Generally electric fired ovens are selected for small batch size. For bigger batch size, oil fired or gas fired ovens are recommended. Heat exchange gives advantage of indirect heating, resulting in cleaner process and better curing quality.Ovens are required for baking of paint. Uniform baking with minimum running cost is
important design aspect.

Capacity Up to 80 kg per trolley
Capacity Up to 250 kg per trolley
Load Bar

A batch plant material handling system comprises of over-head track and loose trolley or ground trolley. Track and trolley is used for lighter articles. For heavy articles load bar is suitable (Two trolley can be joined). For still heavier articles ground trolley is suitable.

Ejector Pump

Any paint when not in use, settles down. With time, bottom portion of the paint gets thicker. Because of viscosity difference, shades change drastically. To avoid this, continuous stirring is necessary. Stirring is done at 360 o with the pneumatic motor.

  • Model ST I : For general viscosity paint.
  • Model ST II : For medium and high viscosity paint.

Paint Filter

It is very important to separate any dust particles in paint. This is a very special ‘plate type’ filter. It can be cleaned easily on choking.
Model SPF 010


Conventional air-spray gun automatizes paint at high air pressure. Which results in fog(pollution) that decreases transfer efficiency. HVLP turbine spray gun is a revolutionary technology that delivers high volume of paint at low operating pressure.

  • Fine automation ensures great finish.
  • Increased transfer efficiency over the conventional systems.
  • The soft spray pattern eliminates fog formation, resulting in clean work environment.
  • Great paint saving.