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Reciprocator Model – EMR 8

The fully automated Statfield Reciprocator elihinates labour and saves time and power while achieving superior results for liquid painting. Statfield Equipments Pvt. Ltd., a Yashprabha Croup venture, with its innovative approach and dynamic R&D has remained a n-zrket leader in automated liquid & pcwaer coating solutions. Statfields products provide innovative, cost- effective and eco-friendly solutions.


  • Time & energy saving
  • Eliminates labour up to 95%
  • Plant can be operated in 3 shifts
  • Human error reduced to a great extent
  • Audio-visual alarms for errors/faults
  • Paint reach is total
  • Consistent coating qualty-no room for human fatigue
  • Can work in hazardous conditions

Touch Screen HMI Features

  • User friendly operation Touch sensitive human machine interface
  • On-screen data display
  • Multi-speed operation within one stroke possible
  • Dust and weatherproof controls
  • Maintenance schedules can be defined by user 0 Enhanced security controls


The pneumatic cylinder driven oscillator moves the gun in an angular span. The coating span can be varied by adjusting the cylinder stroke.

Auto Spray Gun

The SH17-A powder coating gun gives all the advantages of SH17, with a higher output voltage of 100 Kv, resulting in higher transfer efficiency. The number of guns are mounted either horizontally or vertically as per article geometry.

Powder Management System

System : The powder collected in the recovery bins of Multicyclone is fed to recycled powder hopper through a sieve. The fresh powder is stored in a separate fresh powder hopper. Powder from both these hoppers is fed to the second sifter assembly through ejector pump and minicyclone. Both powders mixed and collected in the mixed powder hopper. This hopper will feed powder to the applicators. As recovered and fresh powder is sieved again, total coating quality is improved.
Proportionate Mixing : The mixing of powder can be done proportionately either manually or automatically. In the manual system, each ejector pump will have separate powder control, which can be set manually to the desired mixing ratio. In the automatic system, the operator is required to feed only desired mixing ratio say 80 : 20 or 70 : 30.
Due to continuous powder loop formation manual handling is avoided and consistent powder supply is achieved with improvement in quality.

Powder Batch plant

Optimization of energy, time, space, and finishing :
Powder coating quality and efficiency can be optimized only if all the elements of complete powder coating process give optimized performance. Powder coating plants can be basically divided into conveyorised plants and batch plants. Batch plants are based on the premise that both the coating as well as curing process is optimized on the batch size.
Besides the pretreatment, batch plant consists of applicators, recovery booth, curing oven and the material handling system.
Applicator : Depending on the production volume as well as the article geometry, the applicator and its accessories are selected. In case of automatic plants, accessories like recycling system or only sieving machine can also be integrated.
Recovery Booth : Based on article geometry and batch size, article entry direction and number of coating cutouts are decided.
Curing Oven : Optimization of energy through good quality insulation and uniform distribution of hot air flow give quality and efficiency. The air changes per minute are optimized for energy saving.
Material handling :

Type 261 upto 80 kg per trolley

Type 262 upto 250 kg per trolley

A batch plant material handling system comprise of over-head track and lose trolley or ground trolley. Track and trolley is used for lighter articles which are hung on jigs in big numbers. Ground trolley is used for heavy components. In both cases, a complete loop of either the overhead track or the ground rails can be designed depending on space constrains.
Success in powder coating management is to have complete batch plant ‘ under one roof ‘.
Oven Selection : Generally electric fired ovens are selected for small batch size i.e. less heat load. For bigger batch size, oil fired or gas fired ovens are recommended. Heat exchanger gives advantage of indirect heating resulting in cleaner process and better curing quality.

Oven (Diesel or Gas)

Technical Specifications :

Oven (Electric)

Recycling System

The recycling system helps in optimum utilization of powder. Powder is recycled automatically back to the gun through the sieving machine.

Sieving Machine Sifter

This high sieving rate machine can accommodate powder flow from three Multi Cyclones. The sieves are available in variety of sizes catering to different powders. Sufficient dampening provides noiseless operation.

Standard mesh 60
Optional mesh 80, 100

Mini Cyclone

Mini Cyclone feeds powder to the sieve and then to the hopper. During the process, fines get separated and delivered back to the powder booth to avoid air pollution.

Ejector Pump

This high volume capacity pump sucks powder from the multi cyclone recovery bins delivering it to the sieve chamber through the mini cyclone.

Capacity 1 Kg /min.


Carbon Steel Powder containers with provision for fluidization are used as reservoir to supply powder to spray applicators.

Standard sizes
20kg 40kg 80kg 120kg

Recovery Booth

The carbon steel powder coated spray chamber with the multi-cyclone recovery gives almost 100 % powder utilization. It is maintenance free and has a very long life. The powder booth is easy to clean, resulting in a quick colour change and is safe to operate. No powder spillage out of the booth and maximum recovery through the multi-cyclone results in pollution control.

Moduler Multicyclone

Guaranteed efficiency of 98.5 % with a very long life gives the Multicyclone an edge over other powder recovery systems. The high velocity of powder in the multicyclone reduces powder sticking, so cleaning time is negligible.

Blower (M /hr.) 1500 2000 3750 5000

Post Filter

chargeable powder. But to comply with Pollution Control Laws, the 1.5% powder fines are required to be arrested. The post filter arrests this powder and gives out breathable air. A number of filter cartridges are mounted inside the sealed metallic chamber. The air enters the chamber and the filteration occurs ‘outside in’. Periodic purge removes the powder and clean the cartridge. Clean air is given out through the blower outlet.

Integration Concept

Booth – when integrated with Equipment and post filter gives

  • Automatic mixing of fresh & recovered powder
  • Automatic feeding of powder to spray gun
  • Automatic on-line sieving
  • Prevention of entry of fines in atmosphere