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Electrostatic Spraying Equipment for Paint & Lacquer Charjet L

Total Liquid Painting Solution,
Amazing Quality Finish,
Phenomenal Savings

High Quality Finish & Maximised Paint Saving Through Charjet L

The conventional systems suffer from the draw back of extreme paint wastage. This draw back is overcome by Charjet L electrostatic spray equipment. The charged paint in Charjet L gets attracted towards the grounded article providing wrap around effect resulting in phenomenal paint saving and good edge coverage. In case of spherical/tubular objects, this saving is even more, as greater area is covered by the wrap-around effect.

Applications :
Charjet L is ideal for mass production articles such as automobile components, fan, furniture, bicycles, LPG cylinders, lacquer coating, lighting fixtures, control panels, drums etc.

Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun

Auto electrostatic spray gun is ideal for mass producation articles where paint consumption is very high. The gun can be mounted on reciprocators.

Nozzles (Optional)

Round Spray Pattern
(For tubular / small articles)

Flat Spray Pattern
(For flat or big articles)

Technical Specifications
230 V AC at 50 Hz 7 kg/cm² Maximum 5 kg/cm² Maximum 5 meter each 700 cc/min 70 kV DC(-ve)* displayed on LED
* +ve charging can be supplied on demand for paints like teflon, nylon

Paint Transfer Pump-Prapat

A pump in the paint spraying system is used for ensuring uninterrupted, uniform and filtered paint feeding to the spraying equipment.
The pneumatically operated piston type pump is a compact and sophisticated option to the conventional pressure feed container. Prapat provides uniform and easily controlled delivery. It is easy to monitor as suction hose Is dipped in the paint container. Its design is sleek, light weight and ensures great reduction in paint wastage in the process of cleaning and colour change.
Papat II is recommended where the number of guns are more and for bulk paint transfer.

Technical Specifications

Pump Ratio 1:2.5 1:5 Trolley Mounting
Max Fluid Pressure 14.2 kg/cm² 32 kg/cm² or
Max Fluid Output 4.5 ltrs/min 20 ltrs/min Bracket Mounting



For better quality painting we give closed S.S. container that will avoid rust etc. contaminations. & for paint storage we offer different capacities of S.S. containers. With trolley on which stirrer & transfer pump can be mounted. There will be cover with openings for paint feeding.
Capacity available – 20 Ltrs.,30 Ltrs.,50 Ltrs.,100 Ltrs.


Any paint when not in use, settles down. With time, bottom portion of the paint gets thicker. Because of Viscosity difference, Shades change drastically. To avoid this, continuous stirring is necessary. Stirring is done at 360 with the pneumatic motor.
Model ST I : For general viscosity paint.
Model ST II : For medium andhigh viscosity paint.

Mobile Paint Circulation System

All spray equipments are mounted on mobile trolley with quick cleaning facilities.
Important Features :

  • Paint circulation, colour change, cleaning can be done with minimum hose lenght.
  • All connections in S,S,
  • Filter choking can be monitored through pressure gauges.
  • Additional filter provided, if filter chokes on line changeover is possible.

Paint Filter (Model SPF 010)

It is very important to separate any dust particles in paint. This is a very special ‘plate type’ filter. It can be cleaned easily on choking.

HVLP Turbine Spray Gun

Conventional air spray gun automises paint at high air pressure. Which results in fog (pollution) that decreases transfer efficiency. HVLP turbine spray gun is a revolutionary technology that delivers high volume of paint at low operating pressure.

  • Fine automisation ensures great finish.
  • Increased transfer efficiency over the conventional systems.
  • The soft spray pattern eliminates fog formation, resulting in clean work environment.
  • Great paint saving.