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Airless Painting Equipments

Statfield Equipments, leaders in powder coating and liquid painting in India, offer airless painting equipment for high performance protective coating and painting requirements of the railway, shipping, construction and heavy machinery industries. Creative R&D, innovative approach, Indigenised, sturdy designs, inbuilt efficiencies, cost-effectivity and prompt service are the hall marks of Statfield; hall-marks that have kept Stafield in a leading position for four decades and running.


Equipment operates by compressing paint at high pressure and by passing through tip. The jet emerges as fine spray from the nozzle. The pumps depending on application and model develop pressure in between 90-480 bar. Surface finishing on the article is achieved by following parameters; Viscosity, Particle size, Product pressure and size of the tip.

Airless equipment in comparison to conventional spray gun has following advantages

  • Output of airless spray gun is 3 to 5 times faster as output is 100% paint compared 5% paint output in conventional gun.
  • Paint attraction rate is about 10-20 % more than conventional gun.
  • Solvent/thinner saving is reduced by 20% as viscous paint can be handle by airless painting.

High Performance Equipments – Sarita & Sagar

Salient Features

  • Can handle highly viscous paints
  • Excellent coating speed
  • High film build-up in a single pass
  • Very less over spray


  • Anti-corrosive coatings for ship / off-shore platforms
  • Railways
  • Structural fabrication
  • Bridges
  • Dam gates
  • Automobiles
  • Transformers
  • Pipelines
  • Scaffolding etc.
  • Airoplane

Selecting an Airless Equipment

●: Most Suitable ☐: Suitable but subject to trial

Airless Accessories

Airless Spray Gun – SAE – 5

This Airless Spray Gun has proven its performance in varieties of applications and therefore SAE-% is known to be Painter’s First Choice
Salient Features:

  • Paint path is internal & safe
  • For safety, trigger guard & trigger lock are provided to avoid accidental spraying
  • To ensure longer life, cartridge type packing is provided
  • Extra fine mesh filter is provided inside the gun to avoid nozzle clogging
  • Light weight & well-balanced construction for easy handling
  • For maintenance, an easy access to fluid needle packing from outside
  • Swivel joint for ease of manoeuverability

Auto Airless Spray Gun

In mass production and where the paint consumption is very high, auto airless guns are used. These guns can be mounted on the reciprocator.

T-C (Turn Clean) Holder

It facilitates an instant flush-out of the clogged nozzle tip without removing the tip from the gun. This saves down-time to a large extent.

Extension Pipes

These can be attached to an airless gun to reach inaccessible & deep areas. Various lengths of pipes are available

Free Pattern Tip

In this, the pattern width & fluid output canbe easily adjusted and also, the clogged nozzle can be instantly flushed- just by rotating knob.

Fluid Hose

Stainless steel & nylon on braided hoses with superior pulsation absorption capability & working pressure ranges up to 550 kg/cm2 are available for high pressure applications.

Technical Specifications

Special Applications:

  • Non-woven fabric
  • Rust prevention oil
  • Food tin coating
  • Roof coating

Air Assisted Airless Gun

  • Safe Operation at 140 kg/cm2 with Reversible System
  • Provides “Soft “ Spray Atomization to Match an HVLP Finish Coating Possible in Recesses & Cavities at High flow Rates
  • Less Bounce Back thus lower booth maintenance and cleanup time

Drum Press

This twin post ram mounted system is designed to transfer or extrude heavy viscous materials like sealers, adhesives, putty etc. The positive suction head in this system is provided by mounting the pump with disc which pressurises the material in container.

Airless Electrostatic System

This is the winning combination of Airless system & Electrostatic system delivering high build-up in a single pass & savings due to wrap-around effect & edge coverage.